starting over—the idea—is a lot like the idea of mental health.
(“when you woke up, was it there?”)
— Kate Greenstreet

A semi-finalist for Tarpaulin Sky Press' 2017 Book Prize.

Through expanding the intersection of science & emotion, missoula. traces the ice-age floods responsible for the geography of the Pacific Northwest, & outlines a woman's struggle with identity & mental health after a traumatic childhood. Juxtaposing the findings of J Harlen Bretz, the rebel geologist whose 1928 explorations led to the development of a catastrophic flood theory, with stunning moments of sparse imagistic poetry, & visual explorations of geography & selfhood, missoula. asks how mothers can shape their daughters in the same way these catastrophic natural disasters once carved the physical landscape.

missoula. is a book length hybrid poetic manuscript completed as part of graduate studies at California Institute of the Arts. It is currently seeking publication. An experimental film based on poems from the book is currently in post production.

Roach: A Memoir

“The cockroach is pure seduction.” 
— Clarice Lispector, The Passion According to G.H.

A poetic examination of those most enduring of creatures, the cockroach. Roach explores the relationships between survival & living through the eyes of a near indestructible bug.

Roach is a short form chapbook currently in progress. It will be submitted for publication upon completion.

Screenplays in Progress

The Hit / Feature Film / Comedy
CeCe & Mags are barely making their rent when they're laid off from their startup. Desperate to make enough money to pay the bills they inadvertently sign on as hit(wo)men for a wealthy housewife. But Catherine Clementine isn't an ordinary housewife & her husband Brian isn't just another cheating rat. The two are at war for control of the notorious Clementine crime family & CeCe & Mags have just found themselves smack in the middle.

L.A. Independent / Feature Film / Comedy
A documentary film crew shadows the staff of the Los Angeles Independent movie theatre, a dysfunctional downtown Los Angeles art house cinema. The rag-tag crew; Jessica, Francine, Ricky, Reggie, Dylan, and Buckets; deal with catastrophes large & small under the neglectful (& frequently stoned) eye of the theatre's owner, JJ.

Days Like These / Feature Film / Drama
After an altercation with his boss David is fired from his longtime job as a garbage man. In a fit of rage he steals his company truck, a front loader, & spontaneously decides to drive across the United States to attend his estranged daughter's wedding. Along the way he learns that America is not as black & white as he once believed. 

In Tender Heart We Cross (working title) / Feature Film / Experimental Drama
Mother Superior is sent from Liverpool to Mexico City to reign in a group of erstwhile nuns. During her time in Mexico, she is forced to face her early life in the UK, her long lost daughter. and the secret of her transition. Co-written with Amnon Friedman & Emma Felicity. 

Pitkin Review

Fall 2013 Issue.

In creating the layout for this issue I was inspired by the simplicity & elegance of classic literary journals such as The Paris Review, the typographic & textural focus of the indie publisher Wave Books, & contemporary popular magazines like Vanity Fair, & Flaunt. Using a sparse & heavily typeface oriented layout I sought to emphasize the caliber of the creative work coming from the students of Goddard College.

The cover art was inspired by the wildflowers which grow around Goddard's Vermont campus & the bonfire lit student celebrations. Collaging a series of textures in hues of orange, yellow, & red, I brought a burst of colour to the otherwise monochromatic journal.