4B is a short film currently in consideration at several film festivals both in the United States & abroad. Running approximately 10 minutes, '4B' is a dark comedy following two women as they get accidental revenge on their hated next door neighbour.

Starring Natalie Raymond as Jules & Neha Sobti as Mimi, with Kyle Henson & Brandon Shawn. Written, directed, & executive produced by Natalie Raymond in affiliation with Drunk Unicorn Productions, & the California Institute of the Arts,  principle photography took place 29-31 January 2016.



Jules & Mimi are two twenty-somethings living their slacker dream in LA. After a long night out at their favourite bar they have a run in with their totally square neighbour, Max. Wanting to knock him down a peg they prepare disgusting "apology cookies" as a peace offering but when his peanut allergy rears its ugly head they end up knocking him six feet under.


Cast & Crew:

Written & Directed by ....... Natalie Raymond
Assistant Director & Music ....... Benjamin S. Sneyd
Director of Photography & Post ....... Fu Jui "Freddy" Tang
Lighting & Sound Design ....... Yuchen Zhou
Still Photographer ....... Sarah Vazquez

Mimi ....... Neha Sobti
Jules ....... Natalie Raymond
Max ....... Brandon Shawn
Kevin ....... Kyle Henson


Behind the Scenes: